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It all starts with your idea and vision. Contact us with an idea about your new business or existing project. Give us a few details and we’ll take care to turn your idea into the software.
In collaboration with you, our team will create a prototype for your project. This prototype will outline the steps needed to build your idea as well as how long it will take and how much it will cost.
After an interactive process and frequent communication, your software is ready to be published. We can publish on any of our cloud and platforms.

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Case study

Rebuilding Old Mobile App

First phase of the project was to re write the application for native android and apply new design. One of the requirements was that the app has offline work mode, and it needed local device database. Second phase of the project was to implement external hardware such as barcode reader, printer, and weight scale. Example of one of the new features desired was implementing screen signature capture.

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