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What we do

What we do

The digitalization and development of new technologies open up entirely new digital opportunities for your business. Our practice is to implement great solutions that deliver real value for our client’s. With a wide range of powerful IT services, you can count on an ideal partner for delivering true digital operations, as well as smarter and sustainable IT solutions.

Our company delivers services in two main strategical leads:

  1. building software from scratch by client’s request 
  2. outsourcing, delivering high-tech developers according to client’s needs. 


Building various types of business applications from client’s requests.

Software development from scratch

Software development service is the process of designing software that has the purpose of fulfilling a specific business or personal goal. Our job is choosing the right software development methodology for product organization and building various types of business applications based on client’s needs. Our team has updated technical knowledge to support our clients in the right way and accordance with the latest trends. The service we offer improves your business.

The software development process consists of several stages:

  • Planning – in the first step we plan, design the application and document it. We also create application layout sketches using the Balsamiq Mockups tool.
  • Analysis – we analyze the documentation and the budget, estimate the work time, make the work plan and create tasks based on the LLD. The assignment of tasks to team members is based on their experience and expertise.
  • Design and Implementation are mainly divided into two parts:
  1. GUI (Graphical User Interface) – visible part for the user.
  2. Functionality – coding, what the user of the application does not see

In the process of implementation, meetings with the clients are held regularly. In these meetings we present the work done, discuss the problems that arise in the project, propose changes that would save us time during implementation.

  • Testing leads to bug fixing, and changes can occur because after using the application the user has a better sense of the application and the way the application works.
  • After the software is installed on the client’s system or device, our team performs a maintenance service to ensure the smooth running of installed programs and the satisfaction of our clients.


If you’re looking for Software Development Services, Elephant Solutions is here to help you grow your business by creating innovative products.

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Delivering high-tech developers according to clients’ needs.

IT outsourcing is a modern method of engaging resources and using the services of another company in the field of information technology.

Why are more and more companies deciding to take this step today? 

The main reasons are cost savings, faster process implementation and quality.

Our company provides outsourced IT services and supports the clients in certain segments of the projects in cases when they need the service of our developers, designers, or software testers for a certain period.

We provide you support appropriate to your specific business. Our team of strong professionals has a high level of in-depth, expert knowledge. They apply relevant market innovations and can integrate new technologies flawlessly, time and again.

Technologies / Frameworks

Get ready for the most customizable IT platform for building your business. 
We use the following technologies to accomplish client’s requests:

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