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Development of a complex web application that will serve as a complete insurance system. The system’s features have been tailored to meet the needs of Elephant Solutions’ client, an insurance organization.

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Any genuine company that wants to progress will at some point have to digitalize its business model to take it one step further. The digitalization process necessitates a high level of technical expertise, which is usually found in software development companies. Digitalization of the business model typically entails the creation of a software solution tailored to the demands of the organization. This method presents a slew of issues for both the software provider and the company in need of digitalization. Many companies approach this procedure in the same way they would any other. Companies without proper preparation first attempt to digitalize their business models on their own, without the technical assistance of software development companies. The outcome of such an undertaking, due to a lack of experience, usually creates more additional problems than facilitates and improves the company’s current business model. After wasting time and encountering numerous new challenges that the organization is unable to handle, the corporation will opt to seek expert assistance from a software development company. As a result, both parties must work together from the start of the digitalization process to achieve the goal as quickly and as qualitatively as possible while avoiding additional obstacles and issues.


To thrive in the business world, a company must always improve and differentiate itself from the competition. The benefits of the digital age are huge, and any company that does not embrace them gradually falls behind the competition. This issue is prevalent in a huge number of companies. Not because companies are unaware of the benefits, but because it may be a highly complicated process that necessitates extensive assistance from specialists who understand both the business and the digital parts that will properly complement and improve it. A company that has been in operation for years cannot be digitally transferred overnight and continue to operate as if nothing had happened.

The insurance organization decided to optimize its operations by digitalizing all of its business processes. To be successful, digitalization necessitates extensive preparation, organization, and resources. During the planning process, the insurance organization determined that they required a comprehensive insurance system adapted to their specific demands. The Elephant Solutions company was tasked with developing a complex web application as part of this procedure.


The insurance organization selected certain critical parts of its business procedures that should be incorporated into the insurance system’s web application. The aim was to automate as many things as possible because a big part of the business process was done manually using Microsoft Excel software to work and generate various reports needed in the company.

The insurance organization’s requirements are separated into many sections. The first section is the recourse request. So that the insurance organization could monitor multiple clients at the same time. Tracking the status of regression requests was a requirement and a development priority. After recourse claims, the second part represents the debt balance. The insurance organization needed to know how much each client owed at all times, thus a debt monitoring option was required. The third section discusses repayment and payment planning options. Each client of the insurance organization may be a special case for himself, thus it was required to develop a method that would allow the establishment of a repayment and payment plan for the client’s specific case. Finally, the insurance organization requested that an option be developed that would automate the entire process of generating numerous reports that were previously done manually using Microsoft Excel software.

However, for the Elephant Solutions company to respond to all of these requests, adequate team members who will work on this tough project and the technologies that will be employed for the development of the insurance system had to be determined. In addition to the foregoing, the Elephant Solutions company had to create a development plan and establish the dates that might be met in advance, in cooperation with the insurance organization.


This type of project is often fraught with difficulties. Because time is of the essence in business, projects like this typically have shorter development timelines. When this is combined with a large number of complex requirements, the development process can be rather challenging.

Because the insurance organization did not have a clearly defined complete image of how the insurance system should look at the start of the web application development, this generated additional obstacles and stretched the development deadlines. The insurance system’s functionalities were not clearly defined, and the design was incomplete.

The most difficult task was creating an effective database model that would meet all of the insurance organization’s needs for the insurance system. Because the margin for error is so small, designing a database model takes a huge lot of time, patience, and forethought. If the model turns out to be flawed, it will cause a slew of issues, especially if the application development process has already progressed. In most cases, it will be essential to create a completely new model and possibly modify elements of the web application. The most difficult challenge was designing the model because the insurance organization did not have a clear picture of all the functionalities at the start, so designing it was difficult but not impossible for the members of the Elephant Solutions company team who were chosen for this project.

Another challenge was the documentation supplied by the insurance organization to assist in the development of the insurance system. The documentation was not the clearest, so one of the tasks was to build a new one, which postponed the development of the insurance system even more.

Furthermore, one of the major challenges that arose during the development of the web application as a result of the insurance organization not clearly defining all of the functionalities and design of the insurance system in time was that the entire development had to be a little unstable because the insurance organization frequently changed requirements during the development of the insurance system.


Digitalization of a business model is always a difficult process, regardless of whether the model is easily adaptable or not. Whether the job is small or complex, every client wants his project completed as fast as possible and as well as possible. This makes this type of project much more challenging because it involves the digitalization of an actual working business, where there is no place for rushing and that is necessary. In addition to all of the aforementioned, web application development deadlines are frequently tight, and quality must be up to par and error-free for the insurance organization to continue operating regularly. Because of the needs of this sort of project, the only solution that can be used is a quality organization, extensive analysis and planning, and exact determination of ultimate goals. Before beginning development, it is vital to determine and specify the key issues linked to the project, nothing of great importance should be missed because it may cause problems later in the development process. A company’s shortcoming is frequently highlighted as a lack of quality organization and an aggressive approach to development.

It is precisely because of such things that the insurance organization is in trouble. At first, a too-short timeframe was set for the project’s development, where it was not possible to define a clear vision of what the insurance system should look like. This is a predicament in which companies frequently find themselves owing to a lack of technological understanding and are unable to make the best judgments or meet all requirements when it comes to digitalizing business processes. As a result, those who are technically educated are included in the planning phase from the start, to address all gaps. In this case, Elephant Solutions organization included members of the selected team as technical support in additional work. Because there was no time for a fresh planning phase due to the short deadlines that had to be extended, technical help was available at all times to keep the development moving forward.

There was no other option except to replicate certain elements. It took a long period, but it was vital for continued development. Documentation was one such element. When it comes to technical difficulty, just as people without technical experience cannot best understand persons with a technical background, the opposite is true. To ensure the success of the digitalization process, technical as well as business understanding is required. The same issues that arose during the development phase due to a lack of technical understanding may arise during the insurance system development phase if the developers did not have adequate information about the business processes they were expected to design. Developers who had no prior experience with the business models of insurance organizations were required to first study the operation of that type of business model to better grasp all of their tasks. Both sides rely on the documentation, which had to be reconstructed. Everything done during the development period had to be documented for the insurance organization, and everything that was planned had to be documented for the Elephant Solutions developer team working on the project.

Finding a solution for the process of building the insurance system database model was one of the most difficult components of the project. Aside from the database’s intricacy, it was further complicated by the fact that several functionalities were defined during development. As a response to this problem, the developers created a broad test database model with the capacity for updates. Furthermore, the developers prioritized the development of frontend components that were not dependent on the backend service, gaining time as the insurance organization gradually reduced the number of new functions.

It is far more difficult to define and especially meet schedules in software projects where not all functionalities are outlined from the start. Elephant Solutions has included an insurance organization in all development processes to ensure that all set development dates are reached in a given situation. As a result, every step required to be accomplished in both directions, resulting in increased quality and time savings for the insurance system’s development. Following the completion of each new module by the developer, the insurance organization had the opportunity to immediately test all functionalities and determine whether it was necessary to move on to the development of the next module or whether the current one still needed to be improved.

The development process was also influenced by the technology used. Elephant Solutions had no room for mistake in such a situation, thus it was determined that the developers should choose technologies that would suit the particular project and with which they are accustomed. For the development of the backend part, the developers used the ASP.NET framework and the ASP.NET Core Web API specifically for manipulating data in the database and executing queries. The developers chose PostgreSQL for the database since the initial intention was to enter data in the form of JSON objects, and PostgreSQL supports the JSONB data type, which was suitable in this circumstance. The developers picked ASP.NET Blazor Server for the front-end development, using which they developed components such as forms and lists. The MudBlazor library was chosen as the final component that completed this project, and the developers utilized it to construct the components of the insurance system. From the beginning development phase through the late development phase, the chosen technologies proved to be a fantastic choice for this project.


Various obstacles were experienced by Elephant Solutions’ developers when developing the insurance system. The objective of a software development company like Elephant Solutions is to successfully overcome these problems. Initial stages, such as the planning stage, are incredibly crucial for the eventual aim of a given project, as many companies are aware, yet, it is one thing to approach the planning stage as any other step, and quite another to treat it as the most critical. Many companies differ in this area. As part of the insurance system project, the insurance organization was only halfway through the design phase when development began, which created additional problems in the development of the web application. A huge proportion of problems would not exist if a technical approach to problems was included from the start of the planning phase. The planning phase is even more important when it comes to the digitalization of a long-standing business model, as was the case in this circumstance. Aside from the fact that the start was exceedingly challenging, the Elephant Solutions development team offered full technical assistance, overcame all hurdles, and successfully implemented the project in collaboration with the insurance organization. The project resulted in the development of an insurance system tailored to the needs of the insurance organization’s business model.

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