System for organizing courses and session

Project Info

System for organizing courses and sessions for working with children with special needs.

  • Category : Web application and fully responsive on the mobile device
  • Date : February 2020
  • Location : Serbia

Project Info


A web application that allows clients ( parents ) to apply for BDA therapy courses. Also, this application serves therapists and administrators to organize courses and for clients to receive notifications about future events they need to attend.

The Goals:

The first thing that needed to be done was to transfer client’s organization system, which had previously been organized through paperwork, into some flow.

The client did not have a clear plan and course of organization, so it was challenging to do this. Constant communication was needed.

The theme for the application was chosen in relation to the client’s website. After that we started developing the app itself.

The most challenging part of the application was developing the system of patient organization on the course. A library for organizing events was used for this purpose.

We set up the server to send emails to all patients on the course when the therapist makes an event for them.

One of the requirements was to make custom chat so the therapists could write to patients when needed.

After the web application was completed, a small application for phones was also needed. Chatting and reviewing courses was the only requirement.


2 developers involved

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